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Peter Pohl has been drawn to the island of Losinj in Croatia since his childhood. Its intense nature and bizarre fauna, particularly the world of insects, have made a lasting impression on him and inspired him over the years. His drawings, paintings and sculptures reflect this influence. The artist Peter Pohl is fascinated by the morphology of insects and makes it the subject of his work. He is, however, not an entomologist, but he uses the alluring shapes so abundant in nature to create his unique and unusual paintings and sculptures. They form concentrates of his imagination by abstraction and reduction. Over the years he has compiled diary-like sketch books with charcoal and Indian ink drawings, in which he captures the shapes of the chitin-armoured insect world. In his drawings, intricate limbs, fragile wings, tentacles and legs are contrasted by the compact body shells. Opened sketch books are turned into installations. The sculpture of the beetle shell is a distinct art object in itself. His giant insect shells represent protection, isolation and defense. For his sculptural objects, Peter Pohl uses materials such as cement, resin, wood and black marble.